Bowflex has been an industry leader for many years, offering sleek and impressive looking machines that work great for isolation exercises and for full-body workouts too. The Bowflex HVT is a new exercise machine that promises to let you get a full-body strength workout and some good cardio too, in just 18 minutes.

Efficient Workout

It's hard to maximise your training time, but that's exactly what Bowflex is offering with the HVT. It combines two kinds of training into the Hybrid Velocity Training System, which is a dynamic and engaging way to work out. The machine features a Dynamic Coaching System that will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the workout, and the Coaching Console will guide you as you maximise the challenge that you face, to guide your body.

Total Control

The workouts are adjustable - simply turn a dial to increase or decrease the resistance. You can also sync your Apple or Android device with the machine so that you can track your workouts and get guided through one of 50 different video workouts led by Bowflex personal trainers, with more content being added over time. You can mount your iPad or tablet device on the HVT so that you can get access to information about workout and engage with the coaching system while you're exercising.


The Bowflex HVT features Total Power Technology to track your fitness as you work through exercises at variable intensity and work rate. The Dynamic Coaching Console will give you real time feedback and the progressive fan resistance means that you'll get the right level of intensity no matter how fit you are.

The HVT app can be downloaded for free and works with both Android and iPhone devices. The machine is sturdy and robust, weighing 182lbs, and it can accept users weighing up to 300lbs, so whether you're looking to lose a little fat for that beach body, or bulk up with some nice lean muscle the machine will be well suited for you.

traning aps

There are three pre-programmed workouts for the machine; one for sprints that helps to build speed and power, one circuit that offers strength and range of motion exercises with a focus on form, and one 'builder' workout that focuses on strength and endurance.

You don't have to limit yourself to those three workouts either, you can programme your own. There are more than 50 different exercises to choose from so you will never be bored.

Multiple Workouts

Hybrid Velocity Training lets you combine two workouts, and this means that it's a nice space and time-saving machine. If you're serious about working out and want a lean and toned, sculpted body, then you will be able to get the most efficient use out of your gym time with this machine. Using short and intense bursts of exercise and dynamic exercises that employ the whole of your body, you can get amazing results. The cardio is structured in a way that promises a good afterburn too so that you continue to burn calories long after the workout is finished.

Final Thoughts 

The Bowflex HVT is a new machine, and as such it hasn't been through extensive day to day use testing, yet, but one thing is sure - Bowflex offers amazing build quality on all of their other machines and a good warranty too, so they're starting from a strong point there and the technology they use is proven. On top of that, there are already dozens of positive reviews talking about how amazing this machine is.

The apps are stable and well-written performance wise, so you can enjoy a good end user experience. Since it's possible to buy the HVT on interest-free finance, it's easy to spread the cost and get it for about the same amount as you'd pay for a gym membership. This works well when you consider that with a gym you'd need to travel there and pay for parking. You'll save time and money if you just put a Bowflex HVT in your spare room or your garage, and since you're working out at home there are fewer barriers to actually getting things done. Remove the excuses, get working out for 18 minutes per day, and get that amazing body that you have always wanted, and the health benefits that come with it.

Learn more at, or by visiting the official Bowflex website.

Fitness-trackers can help in determining different kinds of health issues accurately and perfectly. If you are having any issues within, then they will be instantly tracked by these unique devices. These trackers are based on advanced GPS-technology.


Personalized fitness-goals can be now effectively fulfilled by means of using fitness-trackers. These trackers will provide you frequent reminders and these reminders will enable you in fulfilling your fitness objectives.

Best Tool

If you are looking for the best tool for controlling obesity, then you should definitely rely on these trackers. Excessive fatness needs to be controlled on time otherwise you might face chronic health complications at the end of the day.


Since calorie-intake is being accurately tracked by these trackers therefore you can have a control over the calories. Most of the  of the modern era are now wearing these trackers so that they can keep a regular watch on their calories.


Different important aspects of your health can be easily known from these trackers like heart-rate, nerve-pulses, blood-flow and others. If you find anything abnormal, then immediate actions can be taken.

In fact, different emergency health-conditions can be now effectively dealt on time with the help of these trackers.

You can also treat these trackers as activity trackers as the effects of healthy activities can be easily tracked by the same. You can now easily notice the amount of calories that you have burnt after a single session of workout. If you have burnt increased count of calories then this report will be quite encouraging for you.

Are fitness-trackers good investments?

Fitness-trackers are definitely considered as one of the best investments especially in terms of health and fitness. In this respect, you should know how to make best usage of the trackers otherwise your fitness motto will not get fulfilled at all. Since so many varieties exist in the market currently therefore you must choose the best one that clicks to your health-goals perfectly.

Fitness-trackers can make you understand about the significance of staying fit and healthy and thus they are very much useful.

What are the characteristics of the best fitness-trackers?

If you have got a clear conception about the primary features of best fitness-trackers, then you will never get confused in making the right selection. Some brands are now adding-up more innovative features in order to make the devices more attractive. You are requested to go for only advanced versions.


Primary benefits:

You should purchase only those trackers that can be worn in all conditions even at the time of swimming. Carrying these trackers is a great benefit, especially if you want to keep a track on your health-condition at every hour. You can now avail these trackers at quite a cheaper rate. Go Through:-

Modern fitness-trackers are completely waterproof in nature and this is why you van wear them even at the time of rainy seasons and during swimming practices. These trackers will never get affected by water as a result of which they will be protected against different kinds of probable moisture damages. These kinds of trackers are highly suitable for professional swimmers or those who perform swimming on a frequent note.

Dustproof trackers are highly appreciated these days. In fact, many popular brands are now including this particular feature for making the tracker models more exclusive and unique. Dust-particles are very much disturbing and if they create a great trouble in device functioning and thus they should be prevented on time. Dustproof trackers can be now easily worn in extremely dusty or stormy weather.

Fitness trackers having excellent battery-life are simply awesome to have. These trackers last for a long time and on the other hand, you also do not require making any further investment on batteries. The tracker will remain active for long as a result of which your fitness goal will remain unaffected under all circumstances. Most manufacturers are now offering almost six-month’ warranties on batteries.

These tracks are either worn around wrist or ankle. You need to choose the right option that suits you the most. If you think that it is easier for you to carry the device around wrist then you can go for the same otherwise you can choose the other option. Make sure that the device is getting comfortably carried.

Fitness-trackers with interchangeable bands are now gaining the highest popularity in the current era. This is because these trackers have got the highest flexibility and thus wearing them is quite easier.

Smartphone-notifications are one of the best features of these devices and you cannot deny this fact. In fact, most users purchase these devices mainly because of this specific feature. These notifications are usually received on a real-time basis. If your device is missing somehow then you can easily track the same on the basis of these notifications. Visit On:-

Beginners might face a bit of difficulty in using fitness-trackers initially and thus it is strongly recommended following the manufacturer’s manual on a sincere note. Since these trackers are based on advanced technology therefore using these devices is not a big deal.

But still if you are in need of any kind of assistance especially regarding the usage then you can definitely go through the available reviews online. These reviews are really quite helpful ad will cater you intricate facts about these trackers.

You can also come to know about the best brands that are currently ruling in the market. You need to know how to make optimum usage of the trackers for making your goal fulfilled.

Best tips for using fitness-trackers:

  • You should carry fitness-trackers all the time so that you can practice using the same in a proper manner. Even when you are in the office do not forget to wear the same. Regular practice will enable you to understand the settings clearly.
  • You should choose the most flexible model so that you can make best use of the device. Make sure that you are feeling comfortable in using the tracker. In most of the cases, experts often suggest carrying fitness-bands so that the users can easily carry the same along. These bands are usually quite lighter and thus can be carried well anywhere.
  • You should fix-up your actual health-target first and then only you will be able to realize that whether you are heading towards the goal fulfillment or not. In this respect, perfect and regular monitoring is very much essential and you should forget doing the same. Monitoring is not the sole task rather you need to keep a note-down of the results on a daily basis so that you can realize the actual effects.
  • You should purchase only those models that are highly advanced and are being featured with GPS-technology. This technology helps in easy tracking of the device-location. Thus, if your device gets misplaced you can now easily locate the same without any hassle. If the settings are advanced in nature, then you can easily handle the device. Visit on:-